Tianjin Guanghua Grand Theatre Acoustic Project

Guanghua Theater is another comprehensive theater built after China Theater in Tianjin, which integrates performance, office, rehearsal and other functions as well as supporting facilities for audience service. It is a national grand theater.Located at the intersection of New Weidi Road and North and South Avenue in Hexi District, it is adjacent to Haihe Water Sports World.The design of the theatre is novel and unique. It is a building with five waves of water.The theater covers an area of 5247 square meters, and the auditorium covers 770 square meters, with a total of 912 seats.Stage area of 576 square meters, lighting, sound, stage equipment first-class.The design of the theater fully highlights the characteristics of serving children, and strives to create a “theater for the interaction between audience and actors”. The city’s first rotating stage with a diameter of 15 meters allows actors and audiences to have close contact. The extended stage positioned in the center of the front of the stage narrates the distance between actors and audiences.There are 6 ground anchors in the theater, which can meet the needs of various acrobatic performances.Specially-made arc chair can make the audience have a good visual Angle, and the first 6 rows of chairs are movable, can be easily disassembled at any time.

In 2018, the technical director of Sound And Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd participated in the project’s scheme design, professional audio, professional lighting equipment supply, and acoustic simulation.

Tianjin Guanghua Grand Theatre

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