The Biggest Church in Africa – Dunamis Church Acoustic Project

It is the second biggest church Auditorium in Nigeria, the second biggest church Auditorium in the world. It is a 100,000 seater capacity Auditorium,and it is a powerfully anointed church, located in Abuja Nigeria.
When we got this inquiry of this church, the schedule is very urgent.Because the venue has been in use for several years , but there are many sound effects like sound focusing, reverberation time is too long cause the sound is very noisy.So now they required to upgrade the acoustic treatment for the church.

The main part of the venue is 270 meters long and 140 meters wide, with a height of 42m from the highest point of the ceiling to the ground, an area of about 37,800m2, and a volume of about 1,400,000m3. The volume is so huge, it is a super-large venue, which brings great challenges to acoustic treatment.

In this case, we have mobilized all of our acoustic designers to work in this church day and night.Finally we finished acoustic design proposal within two weeks.Our acoustic design range include below area:

Nigeria Dunamis Church

SNA Acoustic



Main hall ceiling&Front wall&Balcony ceilings on ground& first and second floors.-  Aisle smallpox- Rear and side walls- Pillar- Balcony Front


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