SNA Suspend sound absorber

manufactured from either the open cell melamine foam, or a medium density glass fibre faced in glass cloth.

Suspended Absorbers

are hung vertically from the underside of ceilings and are designed to reduce reverberation noise in large open plan environments. It has Available in medium density glass fibre. Bespoke shapes available.Designed to reduce reverberant noise. Suitable for applications where hygiene is important . Lightweight and suspended vertically from ceilings with simple installation. Suspend sound absorbers are used in offices, cinemas, theaters, gymnasiums, recording studios, studios, conference halls, etc.

Its highest fireproof performance can reach to A2-class and environmental protecting capability can reach to E1-class.


  • Surface treatment:  visible alu frame
  • Facing:  glass fabric and fabric series
  • Base material:  200k/m3 owens corning fiberglas
  • Weight:  5.5kg/m2(50mm thickness)   11.5kg/m2(100mm thickness)
  • Structure:  surrounding aluminum frame with owens corning sound-absorbing cotton inside and fire-retarded glass fabric outside.

*Color and shape customization and other needs, please consult customer service.*

Product Show:



Noise reduction coefficient

NameSpace Sound Absorber
StructureBase materials,finish,frame
Base materials80kg/m3 or 96 kg/m³
96kg/m³ Micro-perforated fiberglass acoustic bard or other
FinishFiberglass fabric、fabric、leather
BorderAluminum frame
Weight5.5KG/m³、 11.5 KG/m³ 、13.5KG/m³
SpecificationsW 600/1200 * L600/1200/2400* T 50/100/150mm
Fire-resistantASTM-E84 BS PART 7 reach class B standard
Eco-friendlyEnvironmental protection standard. The product contains little formaldehyde with natural wood fragrant. Non-formaldehyde
is also available.
ApplicationStadium、multi-function hall ,airport and other big area



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