Sound Insulation Door

With economic development, people are demanding more refined quality of life.Professional soundproof doors appear more and more in professional recording studios,luxury hotels and high-end villas, and high-end office buildings. The professionalsoundproof door is made of multiple layers of materials with different characteristicsaccording to the law of quality and benefit. Special damping and anti-vibration treatment.The large surface of the nozzle is resonant, which effectively improves the sound insulation.It adopts an unbalanced air layer acoustic structure design and high filling. Density microporous nozzle fired sound-absorbing cotton, 250-5000HZ medium and highfrequency noise sound insulation performance is remarkable. According to the needs of customer scenarios, we have launched three types of steel-wood composite sound-proofdoors, steel sound-proof doors, and wooden sound-proof doors.

Product Description


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