Seamless Silence Acoustic System

  • Materials:Glass beads and Fiberglass wool
  • Thickness 30 40 68mm
  • Clour:white
  • LR:0.83
  • NRC:0.80 | NRC =0.9
  • Sound absorption:39 dB to 49 dB
  • Moisture resistance:up to 95 % RH
  • Fire:Class A2

Product Description

Smooth, seamless silence acoustic system for reducing reverberation time. May be used on vertical, horizontal,
inclined or curved surfaces. It consists of two primary elements: precoated mineral fiber panels (silent acoustic panels) adhered to a stable, airtight substrate such as gypsum board or concrete; and a two layers of rendered marble sand premixed with binder.

• Excellent broadband sound absorption.
• Minimal installation height.
• Natural marble finish.
• Smooth, seamless surface.
• Fire class A2-s1,
• 0% VOC’s.
• Up to 95% recycled material.


Surface The classic fine-stipple finish, seamless silence system is spray-applied and can be tinted to match a wide range of shades from the Color system. This is the most popular finish in our range. It is easy to refurbish, environmental.

3.Acoustic data
Seamless silence system can high frequency sound absorption is achieved by allowing sound wave energy to pass through the micro pores in the finished surface,thereafter, dissipating it into heat energy in the mineral wool. Low frequency sound absorption is accomplished surface ,causing the ‘skin’ to vibratediaphr.

4.Suspension systems

Our four acoustic systems feature a variety of suspension options for direct bonding to substrates.Or light steel keel installation, can also be attached to the lower level can not be normal ceiling area.


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