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SNA Perforated Wood Acoustic Panel is a kind of resonance absorption material with holes through on the quality MDF board. It has a strong selection on the sound spectrum and particular great performance on the middle and low frequency. Strong impact resistance, excellent decorate performance, elegant colour, especially work for wooden construction.

According to the customer’s requirement, Our Perforated Wood Acoustic Panel can equipped with outstanding environmental, flame retardant and waterproof function. It also has the advantages of high strength, dust-proof, lightweight, no rotting and so on. It is an ideal acoustic environment space decorative


Surface of Perforated Wood Acoustic Panel
Melamine, natural wooden veneer, fireproof board, painting, metal, technology veneer, leather etc.
Allowance: width ±1 mm, length ±1 mm, thickness ±0.2 mm

Highest Fire-proof Grade
Meet the request of the test basis GB 8624-2012 “Combustion performance classification of building materials and products” A Grade (A2-s1, d0).

Highest Eco Grade
Meet the request of the test basis GB 18580-2001” Formaldehyde emission limits in interior decoration materials, wood-based panels and their products” E1 Grade.

Gymnasium, auditorium, multi-function hall, conference room, lecture hall, recording studio, studio or any other places where seek for high acoustic requirement.

Customized:Perforated Wood Acoustic Panel holes can be customized in shape and size.

*Color and shape customization and other needs, please consult customer service.*

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NamePerforated Acoustic Panel
StructureBase Materials/ Finish / Back
Base materialsMDF
FinishMelamine ,HPL , veneer ,PU painting
ModelEl6/8/15,V32/6/15, Vl6/6/15, El6/3-10/15, E16/6/15, E16/8/15, V32/6/15, V16/6/15,E16/3-10/15, V32/3-10/15, V32/3-10/15, E1-12/15, E1-12/15, E5/1-12/15  or Other customized model
SpecificationsW 600 /1200*L 600*1200/2400 * T 12/15/18mm
EcofriendlyAll materials conform to national and international damage guarantee standards, and the release amount of formaldehyde is tested in accordance with GB18580-2001 “Limits of Release Limits of Formaldehyde in Artificial Panels and Products of Interior Decoration Materials and Products, and meets E1 level requirements.
Fire-resistantIn accordance with GB8624-2006 “Classification of Combustion Performance of Building Materials and Products”, the combustion performance reaches Al/A2/8/C.
ApplicationMulti-function hall, opera house, meeting room, cinema, auditorium, hotel, TV station, concert hall, piano room, gymnasium, villa or places with strict acoustic requirements in home life.




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