Foshan City Exhibition Hall Acoustic Project

Foshan City Exhibition Hall is located in the west of Foshan Xinchengfang Tower, with a construction area of about 20,00m ² [1].With the theme of humanity, ecology and innovative wisdom in urban development, it inherits the cultural spirit of Foshan, and uses a number of latest digital technologies and interactive exhibition facilities to show the touching story of Foshan.It is the base of learning and education, the place of planning and publicity, and the name card of Foshan.

Sound And Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd.has participated in a number of projects in the exhibition hall and provided the overall solution.Contains the multi-function hall acoustics decoration design, acoustic simulation, professional audio design, supply and installation, professional lighting design, supply and installation, professional LED display design, supply and installation, the stage machinery design, supply and installation, equipment control, integrated acoustics decoration materials supply and construction,Supply and construction of other classroom wall acoustic materials and decoration materials.

Foshan City Exhibition Hall Acoustic Project

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