Lincoln Community School Project Installation Guidance By SNA Engineer Team

In the past one year, we have done acoustic design, acoustic panel supply and installation guidance on the project site for one auditorium in Lincoln community school project, located in Ghana,Africa.Our clients were satisfied with the final result.

When student sit inside to have some activity, it is very noisy and has much echo in this room, as the volumn is almost 3000m³,and all walls are concrete wall, that means the sound will be reflected again and again. As per our client’s requirement , SNA acoustic designer start to make the acoustic design for wall and ceiling and manufactured all acoustic panel and accessories.

In this process, the ceiling part is really complicated because it is made of steel structure and many AC and pipe there. As per our client’s requirement, all AC should be in same level with panel.Our engineer is keeping to teach workers how to install and keep fixing all the issue on the site. Finally, with everyone’s efforts, the project was finished perfectly.

Lincoln Community School

SNA Acoustic




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