High Resolution Decorative 3D Wall Acoustic Panel

  • .Model Number:3D sound absorber
  • Function:Fireproof, Heat Insulation, Smoke-Proof, Sound-Absorbing, Soundproof
  • Feature:Artistic Ceilings
  • Ceiling Tile Shape:Irregular
  • Ceiling Tile Type:Fiberglass Ceilings
  • Base Material:Fiber glass cotton
  • Shape:Square, triangle, rhombus, oblong
  • Color:Customer Require
  • Size:400*400 mm,300*600 mm
  • Thickness:100,200mm
  • Finish:Fire Rated Fabric
  • Frame:resin
  • Angle:chamfer,straight
  • Installation:Glue,universal glue,stin

Product Description

Video Introduction


  • Application:cinema, hotel,restaurant, KTV, etc.

Project Case

Installation Diagram

  • First fix the aluminum profile onto the wooden frame or bottom board, and their distance suggested about 600 mm.
  • Filled the 32-64 kg/m density acoustic foam among aluminum profiles.
  • Use the clips to fix the perforated acoustic panel to the aluminum profile.
  • When install several acoustic panel, the distance between noses to noses suggested 2-3 mm.
  • If install the acoustic panel in the horizontal way, then the notch of the panel should face down, and it need to be fixed tight with clips. After that install pieces and pieces of acoustic panel onto the lowest one.

Color Seletction


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