Guizhou Shuixi Grand Theatre

The large size soft acoustic panels, its pattern between the plates is perfectly stitched, and it has environmental requirements of no dust and formaldehyde and meets the B1 fire protection requirements. With a variety of colours and patterns for customers to choose from, they can be processed into various shapes according to customer requirements. With a wide range of applications, in addition to meeting the wall decoration, it can also be used on various types of partitions and is easy to install.

After a professional sound-decoration design, the Guizhou Shuixi Grand Theatre has a good acoustic performance. So far, the theatre has successfully hosted a number of large-scale concerts or other types of large-scale events, including the New Year Gala of Qianxi Country, the New Year Symphony Concert in 2019 of Qianxi Country, the third meeting of the 17th People’s Congress of Qianxi Country, etc.

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Guizhou Shuixi Grand Theatre

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