Futian Children’s Drama Theatre Acoustic Solution

Covering an area of about 800 square meters, Futian Children’s Drama Theatre is a multi-functional theatre with children’s drama as the main part and music performance as the auxiliary part. The design style of the theatre is simple and elegant with complete hardware facilities and excellent voice, music sound quality performance expansion. The sound quality of the scene is plump and the acoustic effect is good, which is closely related to the professional sound processing in the early stage.

Before the acoustical design of the small theatre, the acoustical design indexes and requirements that accord with the theatre environment and quality should be established according to the functional and design specifications. Because each theatre design level and the request are all different, but regarding the theatre acoustics design standard is similar, they all pursue the high-quality sound quality and the high-grade environment.

In the Futian Children’s Drama Theatre project, the overall solutions provider of the acoustic environment, TianGe Acoustics provides high-quality acoustic materials, including Large-Sized Soft Acoustic Panels and Slotted Wood Acoustic Panels, both give consideration to good sound-absorbing performance and decorative performance.

The acoustic design of a theatre mainly includes the treatment of noise, the realization of sound uniformity, the solution of focusing, resonance feedback and so on. After the installation of Large-Sized Soft Acoustic Panels and Slotted Wood Acoustic Panels, the sound effect on site meets the standards of theatre acoustic design.

Futian Children’s Drama Theatre Acoustic Solution

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