China Xi ‘an Yuehui Plaza Acoustic Project

  • Wall: Perforated aluminum panel
  • Ceiling: Special shape ceiling panel

Completion Date:2018
Construction area : 120000 square meters
Xi ‘an Pleasure Plaza, located in the center of Xi ‘an, is a landmark destination for fashion shopping and entertainment.The design concept of the interior commercial space is inspired by the concept of “eight rivers around Chang ‘an”. The flow of the river silently explains the history of the ancient city, its present and future changes.Ripples, waves, freedom and flow of the river are transformed into a design language that is integrated into the interior space of the entire project.
Xi ‘an is a famous cultural and historical city, and its ancient city walls still stand as a reminder of its past glory.As a new and vibrant development within the ancient city wall, Xi ‘an Pleasure Plaza connects the old with the new, the past with the future, and creates a vivid experience for the citizens of Xi ‘an.


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