Perforated acoustic panel
Perforated acoustic panel

Meeting Hall in Bolivia

Bolivia, is a landlocked country in the centre of South America, with Sucre as its legal capital. This project has two meeting halls. Client requires us to responsible from acoustic design to material supply. After discussion, we decide to use grooved wood acoustic panel,fabric wrapped PET panel,perforated wood acoustic panel,gypsum ceiling board,screens, etc.

The Best Choice-you deserve it

Perforated Acoustic Panels also have good performance in low-medium frequency as Grooved Acoustic Panel.

But difference is that it has many penetration holes on whole panel. These acoustic panels are often used extensively on ceilings and walls in public places.

For example, the ceiling of Art Exhibition Hall, but also in the office wall decoration with both aesthetic and practical.

Meanwhile it has outstanding environmental, flame retardant and waterproof functions.

Also can choose fabric panel or other material panels together, to achieve better sound environment needs.

The color, Hole shape and size, and panel size can be customized according to your usage needs.