Fabric acoustic panel is a common acoustic material. It has the functions of sound absorption and sound insulation for applicable places, and replaces traditional sound insulation materials from an aesthetic point of view.Fabric acoustic panel is mainly suitable for decoration and sound absorption in cinemas, conference rooms, theaters, lecture halls, home theaters, multimedia classrooms, gymnasiums and other places.

The fabric acoustic panel has various finish color to choose, and it is also available for customer to provide the finish.

It has good decoration, easy to install and no dustproof etc. various advantages

Basic material: 96kg/m3 high density fiberglass wool

Frame: Eco frame aluminum frame

Finished: Fabric Series and Leather Series

Back Side & Finished

Partition is specified where functional space delineation is an integral element within the partition project. Due to their flexibility and cost effectiveness, they allow large rooms to be conveniently sub-divided to maximize space utilization.

Three series of partition can be divided into 360 degree turn whole direction single film or single direction double films. The top adopts pathway or hanging wheel, could divide up space flexibly in all-direction and multi-angles. Screen borders are Processed and made by 6063T6 aluminum alloy materials which Chlorinated surface sandblasting is the highest grade material in our industry. And can be pushed to anywhere. Slide show steady and smooth transformation of space diversity.

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