SHISHAN Experimental High School Event Performing Arts Centre Acoustic Project

Shishan Experimental School covers an area of 66,000 square meters, with a building area of 110,000 square meters.School has the wisdom of the current domestic most advanced campus system and terminal equipment, relying on the optical network and Internet integration, combined with AR and AI technology, such as unified platform for each role, with big data platform to realize the teaching, learning and management, overturn old teaching methods, achieve borderless, diversified, intelligent teaching in the future.The campus is equipped with a 750-seat high-end academic lecture hall, an indoor swimming pool of international standard, and an ultra-large, open and multi-functional library of 2,300 square meters.

SNA Acoustic participated in the multi-function hall project of the school and provided the overall solution.Contains the multi-function hall acoustics decoration design, acoustic simulation, professional audio design, supply and installation, professional lighting design, supply and installation, professional LED display design, supply and installation, the stage of mechanical design, supply and installation, equipment control, integrated acoustics decoration materials supply and construction, other classroom metope acoustic materials supply and construction and decoration materials.