Acoustic design and panel installation recommendations for music classrooms

SNA November Company News Part two

A music classroom is a place where music lessons and music-related activities are held, and a place where people experience the charm of music. Places like this have extremely high requirements for indoor acoustics.
After comprehensively considering the customer’s ideas, site area and functional requirements, we recommend the use of our Grooved Acoustic Panel and Hexagonal Reflector Panel.

Grooved Acoustic Panel are environmentally friendly, healthy, decorative, safe and fire-resistant, and have good sound-absorbing effects. Therefore, it can be seen in many public places.

The structure of Grooved Acoustic Panel is generally composed of base material, veneer and black felt. It is suitable for places with strict acoustic requirements such as opera houses, theaters, recording studios, TV stations, radio stations, business offices, conference rooms, gymnasiums, piano rooms, hotels, ktv, high-end villas or home life.

When the test conditions are 50mm cavity and 50 thick 32K sound-absorbing cotton, the sound absorption coefficient of 28-4 groove wood intermediate frequency 500HZ reaches 0.82, NRC 0.75.

Hexagonal Reflector Panel of the concert hall is indispensable for the reflector material, and the reflector should be 30mm thick; the most important thing depends on the size of the concert hall; the most critical issue when selecting the reflector is that it must meet the national building materials. Flame retardant includes environmental protection requirements.