SNA Acoustics October Weekly News
SNA Acoustics October Weekly News

If would like to enjoy a moment for yourself or your family, home theater is your best choice. This is a place where people can fully enjoy the fun and pleasure. Wooden acoustic diffuser can solve the harsh and stiff sound.
After comprehensively considering the customer’s ideas, site area and functional requirements, we recommend the use of our Grooved Acoustic Panel and Wooden acoustic diffuser. Meanwhile, we offer two design solutions for customer.

Introduction of Wooden Acoustic Diffuser
Wooden acoustic diffuser adopts the QRD diffusion principle that is quadratic residue theory.
The sound energy enters the different depth of diffuser and was reflected at diffident time, so the peak and the bottom spectrums become smoother and to make a more neutral and balanced listening space.
Our acoustic diffuser is widely used in auditorium,auditorium, multi-function hall, recording studio, home theater and any other places with high acoustic requirement.
Solid wood diffuser panel has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, good decoration effect, strong three-dimensional effect and convenient installation.

The Advantages
1. Excellent acoustic performance
2. Sound absorbing and noise reduction
3. Improving sound articulation