SNA Project of Oman

Located in West Asia, Oman is one of the oldest countries in the Arabian Peninsula. After taking this project,in order to deal with the acoustic defects of the recording room, such as the length of reverberation, improve speech intelligibility, deal with standing waves, and create a good sound field, we recommend that customers use Frabric acoustic panel and Grooved wood acoustic panel for sound absorption, Wooden diffusers are used for diffusion, and various acoustic panels are matched to create a good recording environment and achieve the effect of high speech intelligibility.we suggested that he decorate with Fabric acoustic panel ,Slatted Wall Acoustic Panel and Dffuser Acoustic Panel. Wooden diffuser is an anomalous plane design which can bring diffusion while refection. The diffusion boards are used not only on ceiling but also on the side walls and the walls behind loudspeakers and behind the listening positions. The more the diffusion materials, the more can people teel that the sense of space and the natural and graceful effect of high frequencies in the music places. The details of music can also be shown well.

Wooden diffuser is suitable for places that require both wood decoration and warm effect, as well as sound absorption requirements. Such as: theaters, concert halls, multi-functional halls, exhibition halls, studios, film and television halls, and other public construction indoor ceilings and interior wall decorations to improve sound quality and improve speech intelligibility.

SNA Weekly News(October)